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Artwork sets the tone for a space. Art Advice brings our years of experience and knowledge of the art world to your home. Uniting your personal aesthetics and our resources we are able to enhance your living environment.

Art Consulting Services

New Acquisitions

  • Art Advice comes to your home at a time that is convenient to you
  • We walk through your home and help to determine the best placements for artwork; taking into account lighting, architecture, sizes of pieces required, and most importantly, color
  • Art Advice prepares multi-tiered budget options for you
  • We can assist in art procurement in any field including, but not limited to:
    Old Masters, Modern & Contemporary, and Emerging Artists
  • Artwork rental programs for special events


Collection Management

  • Cataloguing and appraisal (digital and hard copy)
  • Data collection systems i.e. bar-coding
  • Artwork shipping, handling, and storage
  • Insurance assistance
  • Conservation advice
  • Exhibitions and lectures
  • Artwork deaccessioning


Framing and Display Design

  • Unlimited frame choices
  • Acid-free matting and museum mounting
  • Non-glare glass and conservation UV glazing
  • Lighting recommendations
  • Shadow boxes
  • Museum quality casing
  • Conceptual space solutions

Art Advice maintains client confidentiality at all times

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